Our Black Transwomen

Black Transwomen

Welcome to the Home of The National Black Transwomen Organization, a not for profit organization established for the social needs and affirmation of Black Transwomen worldwide.

The NBTWO is created to provide support and to address the urgent concerns of transwomen in African American communities. Worldwide, transwomen are often misunderstood, unsupported and marginalized within our society. This civil injustice has oppressed transwomen resulting in harassment, discrimination, homelessness, imprisonment, loss of family, friends and employment as well as suicide and murder.

Many times transwomen must endure this possibility and alone all while trying to understand and appreciate their own transition and contribution to this world. We recognize these and many other barriers facing transwomen and are driven to take a stand for ourselves and to do our part in resolving these issues. In this space we take a stand for equality for all thru the lens of African American transwomen.

You are not alone, you are loved and supported. Your life is of value not only to yourself but to the social community you are a part of. We value your contribution and in this space aim to support your emancipation and successful growth through your transition. You deserve life. Learn More about us and our services here or contact us for services at our Black Transwomen Outreach form.

As well, Trans People of Color Coalition, National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, National Center for Trans Equality and the National Black Justice Coalition are all national resources available for you. Get more details about the agencies here.

We are in need of social change and we are counting on you our friends, family, spouse, allies, educators, health care providers, faith based organizations and law makers to make this possible. Partner with us to lift the negative stigma attached with transwomen and draw focus on social equality. We offer support to you as well providing group meetings, sponsor school/church groups, corporate workshops/seminars and sensitivity training around Gender & Sexual Identity education as well as Trans Awareness, Trans Health and the needs of Trans Youth & Trans Elderly. Contact Us regarding these and any other relevant topics that will help us to provide a place for transwomen in the world that is equally deserving of all.

  • Trans People of Color Coalition
  • National Gay & Lesbian Task Force
  • National Center for Trans Equality
  • National Black Justice Coalition

Our Focus

  • Transgender Awareness
  • Transgender and Racial Equality
  • Transgender and Education
  • Transgender Health Care
  • Transgender Employment Access
  • Transgender Housing Access
  • Transgender and the Prison System
  • Transgender and Religon
  • Transgender Hate Crimes
  • Transgender Youth & Elderly

Our Everyday Tribute: TDOR Memorializing 2011

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We will always remember you, celebrate you and take a stand for you. Your life is valuable & important to us all.