BTWI at the 2022 Seed ReTreat

The Seed ReTreat occurred last month, from the 22nd to the 26th of September in Honolulu, Hawaii. Sponsored by Black Trans Women, Inc. (BTWI), the Transgender District, the Ms. Foundation, the Stardust Fund, and Alaska Airlines, the ReTreat was an interactive social weekend with a carefully curated group of Black femmes with recorded intentional discussions on joy, sisterhood, pride, beauty, love, and strength and connection. 

The event sought to connect cis and trans women who believe in the power of trans inclusion. Feelings of trepidation and burn-out were reduced by the curation of a bonding experience in an inspiring beautiful location. Participants were introduced to the event’s sponsors and familiarized with the work of all attendees. 

Those who attended collaborated to produce social justice messaging of solidarity for women across identities and sexualities, cultivated impactful organizing strategies to serve the community, and created public content that centered sisterhood from a Black, trans-inclusive, feminist/womanist lens. BTWI’s Executive Director, Diamond Stylz, will include some of these conversations in her presentation for the EmpowerHer Women’s Summit at the BTAC 2023 Conference. 

The Seed ReTreat was extremely successful in fostering Black love, pride, sisterhood and liberation. Because of this, the event’s sponsors have decided to make the Seed ReTreat a yearly occurrence. If you wish to help support future ReTreats, please donate here

BTWI thanks the Transgender District, the Ms. Foundation, the Stardust Fund, and Alaska Airlines for making the Seed ReTreat possible.