International Women’s Day

We commemorate all women on this International Women’s Day.

As trans women and transfeminine people, we experience misogyny, and we stand in solidarity with our cis sisters against the global violence that affects us all. 

We recognize that women and girls everywhere are reduced to their anatomy, whether they encounter gender essentialism or reproductive injustice. We all experience objectification, gendered violence, and discrimination.

As women, we are stronger together, and there is more that connects us than sets us apart. For instance, we all share a common goal to protect and empower women and girls everywhere. 

Unlike cis women, we face transmisogyny, but it is the same patriarchy that oppresses us all. We each suffer under cultural ideologies that favor men and masculinity and devalue women and femininity. 

Today we dream of a better world where we have solidarity in our fight for autonomy and liberation. 

Join us in celebrating and honoring the impact of the powerful women who take a stand for justice and equity, especially our Black trans sisters whose efforts to empower others are often invisible.